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  • V2 Max Plus Reformer
    Professional Reformers
    V2 Max Plus Reformer
    Equipped with our innovative retractable rope system and movable pulleys on the vertical frame, the V2 Max Plus offers variable angles of resistance, providing a greater range of motion, making it the premier tool for sport-specific, Pilates-based rehabilitation and cross-training.
    Professional Reformers
    V2 Max™
    Jet Black
    The V2 Max Reformer and V2 Max Plus Reformer are a Class I medical device CE marked in accordance with the new European Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745 (MDR). This certifies the equipment in most of Europe, allowing medical professionals to formally use it in hospitals and healthcare settings to improve patients' health and quality of life.
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Pilates Reformer

Our Reformers are designed for superior performance. Choose from a wide range of Pilates Reformers for home fitness enthusiasts, professionals or rehabilitation clinics.

Professional Reformers

Elevate your studio space with highly customizable Professional Reformers to appeal to the widest range of users.

Rehabilitation Reformers

Bring the benefits of the therapeutic Pilates Reformer to your clinic with a higher transport platform for improved accessibility.
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We have designed every detail, so you can get the most out of your
the most out of your workouts.

Experience the industry's best features for strength development, flexibility and athletic training.


Rope system

The Professional and Rehab Reformermodels come equipped with our patented retractable rope system and self-locking cleats that allow for quick, easy and precise rope adjustments to ensure proper range of motion for all exercisers.

and self-locking lugs that allow for quick, easy and accurate rope adjustments to ensure proper range of motion for all exercisers.

At Home SPX®models include the traditional rope system, which is ideal for single-user environments where regular adjustments are not needed.

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Change system
The high-precision gear bar is available on select Reformer packages, but can also be added as an upgrade at the time of purchase. With six gear bar positions, the additional settings provide superior precision and ergonomics when setting initial tension or altering tension for exercisers.

The traditional gear bar is standard on Professional Reformers and is the only option available for At Home Reformers. It slides completely into one of the three gear bar slots and securely holds the Reformer springs when in use.



Merrithew springs are extremely durable and are custom made from the highest quality materials. All springs are nickel-plated, heat-treated and securely attached to the Reformer carriage, each with a unique spring ball that allows for a secure attachment to the gear bar. Professional reformers come with the high precision spring package and At Home models come with the traditional spring package.

Springs should be replaced every two years to ensure safety, optimum performance and warranty coverage.



Glide through your workouts with our patented carriage bearing system that provides a consistently smooth and quiet ride. Keep your Reformer's track wheels running as smoothly as the day you bought it, which will keep your Reformer in top condition.


Reformers Accessories

Cardio-Tramp® Rebounder
This versatile tool provides a sturdy landing surface for rebounding activity, increasing the training potential for all athletes, from post-rehab to elite athletes.
Jumpboard - SPX®/SPX® Max
The Jumpboard provides a firm, cushioned jumping surface that allows for biomechanically sound foot placement for plyometric and aerobic exercises. Expand your repertoire and train your core and lower or upper body by combining this accessory with the spring resistance of your Reformer.
Mat Converters - Platform Extenders
Transform your Pilates Reformer with Mat Converter and Platform Extender to add even more exercise options. Designed for studios, loved by home fitness enthusiasts.
Pilates Reformer boxes provide a greater range of motion, facilitating a variety of exercises. Designed for studios, loved by Pilates and home fitness enthusiasts.
Reformer Accessories Kit
This accessory kit contains a collection of popular Reformer accessories and attachments, including cushions, straps and more. Increase the precise functionality of your Reformer with these additions to support stabilization and alignment during workouts.

Merrithew® machines
Pilates Reformer

They are found in boutique Pilates studios, gyms, golf clubs, hotels and high-end home gyms around the world, designed to withstand years of use, adapting to the diverse needs of clients and any space.

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